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At Wimberly Farms our family and family of employees are dedicated to developing and growing the very best seed products for our customers. Our mission continues to focus on remaining family owned and delivering our customers the very best choices in seed genetics and traits in the farming industry. We are a licensed dealer for USG (UniSouth Genetics) wheat and soybean seed, and we also sell some public barley varieties.

Family Owned

With dedication and commitment to the entreprenueral spriti of agri-business, three generations have worked work in the seed business at Wimberly Farms.

Success at Wimberly Farms is due to a strong commitment to high quality agricultural production through continual change and improvement. Located in the heart of Maryland's lower eastern shore, we strive to be good stewards of the land that is part of our history. Along with that, we use innovative techniques and renewable farming practices to produce seed with genetic integrity and exceptional quality. This approach has provided the foundation for 5 generations in the farming industry.

Your Licensed USG Grain Provider

We are a licensed dealer for USG (UniSouth Genetics) wheat and soybean seed, and we also sell some public barley varieties.  In addition to certified seed, we sell cover crop wheat and barley seed.  A by-product of our barley crop is the straw that we have available for sale.  We take great pride in our stewardship of the land and we farm with best management practices.

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"Its all about if it's done right, and when it leaves here with Wimberly Farms name on the bag, then it's quality."

Kevin Anderson, Wimberly Farms

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Did you knoiw that farms provide us with food and fiber, natural areas and environmental benefits. But agriculture is also the largest source of nutrient and sediment pollution entering the Bay.

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