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Wimberly Farms, Inc. is a family farm operation located in Somerset County Maryland.   We are William and Kevin Anderson, a father-son team.  We grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley.  Additionally, we operate a seed conditioning facility where we clean, treat, and bag soybean, wheat, and barley seed.  We are a licensed dealer for USG (UniSouth Genetics) wheat and soybean seed, and we also sell some public barley varieties.  In addition to certified seed, we sell cover crop wheat and barley seed.  A by-product of our barley crop is the straw that we have available for sale.  We take great pride in our stewardship of the land and we farm with best management practices.

Kevin is the 3rd generation to work in the seed business on this farm, and he has been farming with his father and late grand-father all of his life.  Kevin’s wife, Liz, manages the office, payroll, and regulatory paperwork.  They are raising two daughters and teaching them to help on the farm. 

Kevin was awarded the National Young Farmer Achievement Award in 2002 by the American Farm Bureau Federation, after winning the Achievement Award at the Maryland state level.  Then, in 2007, Kevin was named a National Outstanding Young Farmer by the Outstanding Farmers of America.  He currently serves as President of the Maryland Grain Producers Board, as well as President of UniSouth Genetics, Inc.  He and William have both served on various statewide boards and in local civic clubs and organizations, and have received many awards at the local and statewide level for their contributions to the seed industry and agriculture.

  • Company Name:  Wimberly Farms, Incorporated
  • County/State: Somerset County, Maryland
  • City: Princess Anne
  • Owners: William & Kevin Anderson
  • Incorporated:  1999
  • Acres: 3000
  • Products: Barley, Wheat and Soybean seed
  • Services:  Seed Conditioning

PeopleFamily, along with our team of dedicated staff, is the cornerstone of our company. We value the strengths, knowledge and loyalty that all of these people bring daily to the success and growth of the company.

QualityWe use only proven, systematic processes from the planning stage to the final delivery of a seed product. The timely implementation of best practices, along with constant monitoring, assure production of seed corn of the highest quality.


 We provide our customers hassle free, turnkey, premium crop production. Meeting their demands by providing real time production information and responsiveness to their needs in the creation of a quality finished product, are all a part of our commitment to exceptional service.


We strive to continually assess our certified production processes and make changes that are integral to improvement by utilizing cutting edge technologies, industry leading practices and work place efficiencies to fulfill our commitment to our customers.


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